Shoulder Pacemaker™ is


The Shoulder Pacemaker™ device | Neuralign System S makes it possible to restore the natural function of the shoulder, due to the proprietary
motion-activated stimulation. (MAS)


Why should you use it?

The Shoulder Pacemaker™ | Neuralign System S is designed to help restore proper shoulder function.
Two key areas of applicability of the device are:

  • Rehabilitation, in relation to a pathology or surgery diagnosed or performed by the medical professional to help restore function.
  • Prevention, primarily for sports applications to prevent a problem from becoming a pathology. 

Which professionals and clinicians are utilizing?

The Shoulder Pacemaker™ | Neuralign System S is a formidable ally for all those working in the orthopaedic field, with a particular focus on orthopaedists, physiotherapists, athletic and personal trainers addressing issues with the shoulder.

The device is suitable for use both in public health organizations and by private practitioners.


We are focused on training!

The purchase of the device comes with access to our dedicated experts to help train you and your staff so you can start using it right away.


The first motion-driven device

With a state-of-the-art, high-tech kinematic sensor built into the Shoulder Pacemaker™ | Neuralign System S, the movement of the patient activates the stimulation at a time and intensity necessary to help restore normal function.

It is designed for patients suffering from an imbalance in muscle recruitment and is equipped with a platform that allows patients to dynamically interact with the device during active rehabilitation. 

How it works: much more than an electrostimulator!

In traditional electrostimulation, muscle contraction is achieved by setting parameters relating to pulse type, frequency, duration, intensity and latency, and is independent of motor activity.

With the Shoulder Pacemaker™ | Neuralign System S , thanks to the kinematic sensor, and our patented algorithm, it is the patient’s motion that drives stimulation.

The fundamental difference between smart stimulation and traditional electrostimulation lies in the fact that stimulation is produced intelligently, according to the movement of the joint while improving the timing of activation: this is the concept  behind MAS, Motion Activated Stimulation.

This mechanism allows the retraining of the activation of hypoactive muscle groups through a feed-forward mechanism.

All this results in an interactive experience that is revolutionary and different from anything else available.

The device is controlled by the MySPM App, providing professionals with rehabilitation programs for treating many different pathologies that have been validated and created by world-renowned experts.

The system monitors the entire rehabilitation process by documenting the individual’s progress during treatment.

This information is transmitted to the therapist through the innovative software platform designed to monitor, evaluate and record their treatment and progress.


system s
device in numbers

85349 total rehabilitation exercises performed by patients

2721 patients registered in the app

3 years on the international market

*Data updated to January 2023


The patient benefits  from the use of the Shoulder Pacemaker™ | Neuralign System S by continuous and real-time feedback on correct muscle activation, tailored to each individual’s specific movements.

The device allows the patient to learn the most suitable movement, to ensure the restoration of correct motor patterns.


With the Shoulder Pacemaker™ | Neuralign System S, professionals are able to treat patients with complex functional alterations.

While traditional electrostimulators work by a classical on/off control mechanism, the Shoulder Pacemaker™ | Neuralign System S is activated and triggered by the patient’s movement.


With its three modes of operation, the Shoulder Pacemaker™ | Neuralign System S allows practitioners maximum freedom and customization of use:


The automatic mode uses MAS (Motion Activated Stimulation) combined with proven protocols.

Fast and safe utilizing protocols (sets of exercises) developed by experts.


Represents the widest expression of the MAS concept, through the personalization of treatment: an advanced usage mode where a professional can customize the use of the device by designing a specific treatment for their patient.

The Free mode combines the technology of the Shoulder Pacemaker™ | Neuralign System S device with the knowledge and experience of the physiotherapist.


Timed mode allows for “traditional” use of the device by setting the stimulation intensity and timing.

Maximize productivity for the practitioner

The device does not require a 1:1 practitioner/patient ratio. Once activated on one patient, the practitioner can treat other patients simultaneously, while being assured of a high standard of service and monitoring.


The Shoulder Pacemaker™ | Neuralign System S is efficient with an average of 30 to 50 minutes per session to augment and complement traditional rehabilitation treatment.


Numerous practical applications have shown that patients who have been treated with the Shoulder Pacemaker™ device | Neuralign System S have experienced improvements in shorter periods of time over conventional treatments.
* Publication reference:
Moroder, P., et al., Use of shoulder pacemaker for treatment of functional shoulder instability: Proof of concept. Obere Extrem, 2017. 12(2): p. 103-108


The home version of the device can be easily adopted for home use:  during  an initial visit the clinician instructs the patient in how to use, sends them home, and then monitors them remotely via the dedicated app.


The device comes with a tablet with the MySPM App installed.
A few clicks and the practitioner can access treatment protocols for different pathologies, as well as track all of the patients’ activities and treatments.
Each patient is able to follow a treatment protocol that can be tailored to his or her specific needs. 
In using  Shoulder Pacemaker™ device | Neuralign System S,  each session is a step-by-step progression: the patient must pass a series of levels, prior to moving on, as the app monitors progress.


“The unique feature of  The Shoulder Pacemaker™ device | Neuralign System S is that it combines stimulation with muscle activity depending on the pathology and the exercise being performed.
The Shoulder Pacemaker™ device | Neuralign System S has taken rehabilitation to another level, and introduced a new concept of therapy for conditions that previously had no chance of being treated.
Ultimately: it has changed practice.”

Philipp Heuberer
Leading Shoulder and Elbow Specialist
Leitender Arzt bei Health Pi Medical Center, Current President of AGA Arthroskopie


21 cases treated
100% post-treatment success
100% recommended by patients

The previous situation


The attached publication shows how (thanks to the Shoulder Pacemaker™ | Neuralign System S) it was possible to successfully treat 21 patients suffering from posterior functional instability.
*Moroder, P., et al., The Shoulder Pacemaker treatment concept for posterior positional functional shoulder instability: prospective clinical trial. Am J Sports Med, 2020.



All of the 21 patients had attempted conventional rehabilitation therapies without success: the Shoulder Pacemaker™ | Neuralign System S device made an impossible to treat condition possible.



Positive results were seen immediately after treatment (lasting a few weeks): all participants were able to achieve stable shoulder movement without signs of subluxation or posterior dislocation: 100% success.

Results after 2 years of treatment: 3 patients returned with dislocation problems within 2 years after the initial treatment; proving that the treatment offers sustained and stable results over time.

Patients who returned to dislocation after 2 years were successfully treated again with the SHOULDER PACEMAKER™ – NEURALIGN SYSTEM S device.

At the end of their treatment, participant’s surveyed said that they were either very satisfied (81%) or satisfied (19%) with the SHOULDER PACEMAKER™  – NEURALIGN SYSTEM S device treatment and 100% would recommend it to others.



From these practical applications it was demonstrated that the Shoulder Pacemaker™ | Neuralign System S device is an effective treatment, with rapid improvement and lasting results after 2 years for patients with PP-FSI who did not have favorable results from conventional treatment. Younger, athletic patients with lower body-weight and unilateral pathology have been shown to respond better to treatment



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